I know a man and woman who lost their only child, a son, to cancer four years ago. Last year they made the courageous decision to wade into the risks and joys of parenthood again — this time through adoption. Their names are Tom and Deb.

I’ve watched Tom and Deb navigate the complicated and confusing adoption process for months, until last week they were finally matched with a baby boy, due to be born in August. That left them only one month to raise all the remaining funds for their adoption — about $18,000.

Then the day after their match, Tom’s job was eliminated, leaving them unable to secure a loan for the remaining adoption fees.

Tom and Deb could have backed out. They could have waited for another job to come along before they accepted a match with a child. But through much prayer, they had come to believe God meant this child for them. In a tremendous step of faith they accepted the match, trusting God to provide.

And because God involves us in His work, we get to be part of that. I’ve decided to run a 5K on August 16. There’s a very real possibility that I will run it with blue hair, and here’s why: My kids are running the 1-mile Fun Run at my 5K event, and we’ve challenged each other to see who can raise more money to help bring Tom and Deb’s baby home.

If I raise more money, I get to give each of my children a pie in the face. (Don’t feel sorry for them. They want this.) If they raise more money, I will dye my hair blue and run the race that way. And my mother will be horrified.

So far, my children are winning. Big time. Just imagine their sad little faces when I have to tell them they’re not getting chocolate and whipped cream smooshed into their ears and nostrils. Think on that.

You can spare my children this heartbreak. Just go to my fundraising page here, make a gift of any size to my friends’ adoption fund, and write “Team Alyssa” in the comments box on the donation page. Or, if you want to deprive my poor kids of deliciousness and bliss, write “Team Littles” in the comments box. But just think of what you’ll be doing to my mother.

And as an extra bonus, my wonderful friends at the Rabbit Room are offering a $10 gift code to their online store to be given to a randomly selected donor each time we reach a thousand-dollar mark. That’s good stuff right there.

I’d be so very grateful if you would be part of the effort to bring this wonderful family together. And also to keep my hair blonde. I like it blonde.

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