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Twenty things I love

Yesterday a friend issued this challenge on Facebook: Quick.¬†Twenty things you love. (Not family, friends, or Jesus. We know that.) It was hard to stop at twenty, but here’s my list.

  1. Dark chocolate, especially in combination with coconut or mocha flavors
  2. Lantern light
  3. Fresh flowers on the dining room table
  4. Eucatastrophe
  5. Perfectly ripe garden strawberries and tomatoes
  6. Making my husband laugh
  7. The night sky in the country
  8. Seeing the underdog win
  9. The sound of the cello
  10. Aspen trees and alpine lakes
  11. A clean kitchen sink
  12. The way my kids mispronounce things
  13. Shop-lined historic districts in small towns
  14. Creeks disappearing under bridges
  15. Naps
  16. Using a sale, a coupon, and a gift card all in the same transaction
  17. Stationery
  18. Outdoor art/craft/book fairs
  19. Maps, and successfully navigating by them
  20. Shadowy old cathedrals

What are yours?


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