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A couple of weeks ago my daughter, when she was overcome by daughterly affection, started saying, “I love you as big as everything.” Then, as the days passed, she began elaborating on that sentiment with all sorts of soaring comparisons. So this morning as she lavished me with loving raptures, I recorded them in the form of a poem:

I Love You as Big as Everything

By Corinne, age 5

I love you as big as everything.

I love you as big as every single thing in every single house in the world.

I love you as naked as the trees are in Fall,

I love you as high as I can swing,

I love you as high as I jump on the trampoline.

I like the granola you make;

I love you as much as the granola.

I love you as fast as the bunny rabbits hop,

I love you as silly as me and Silas are,

I love you how happy we are to go to parades.

I like how your dresses twinkle in the sun,

I love you how big and colorful the rainbows are.

I have twelve pounds of love in my heart.


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