Olive Wreaths

What you’ll need:

Green branches from your yard (we used young branches from a burning bush)
Tape or twist ties
  1. Bend the branches into a circular wreath.
  2. Secure the wreath with tape or twist ties.

Mythology of the Olive Wreath (via www.e-mporio.com)

According to the ancient Greek history, Poseidon, god of the sea, and Athena, goddess of peace and wisdom, disputed over whose name would be given to the newly built city in the land of Attica. To end this dispute, it was decided that the city would be named after the one who offered the most precious gift to the citizens. Poseidon struck his trident on a rock and salt water began to flow. Athena struck her spear on the ground and it turned into an olive tree.

It was decided that the olive tree was more valuable to the people of Attica, hence the new city was named Athens in honor of Athena. Even today, an olive tree stands where the legend took place in Pnika just on the foothills of Acropolis.

According to Homer, the olive tree has been thriving in Greece for over 10,000 years. For the Ancient Greeks, the olive tree was a symbol of peace, wisdom and triumph. An olive wreath was mad, and used to crown the Olympic champions.


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