Olympic Games for Little People

Let your kiddos try their hand at some Olympic sports. Here are a few kid-friendly adaptations:

Balloon Archery: Blow up long, skinny balloons. Decide on a target and attempt to hit it by throwing the balloon “arrows.”

Balloon volleyball

Discus throw: Use a frisbee as the discus and divide into teams.  You can play for distance or accuracy (if space is limited). For distance, measure ahead of time and mark the distance in increments of two feet. Each teammate gets a chance to throw, and the team with the greatest cumulative distance wins. For accuracy, place a target (such as a hula hoop) on the ground and award points for every throw that hits the target. The team with the most points wins.

Relay Races

Equestrian event: Create an obstacle course and let kids take turns racing stick horses (brooms, yard sticks, whatever you’ve got) around the course. Fastest time wins.

Water games:

  • Each team stands in a line with a full water bucket at the front of the line and an empty bucket at the end. Everyone has a cup. Teammates pass water down the line from cup to cup and try to fill the empty bucket. This event is timed. When time is up, the team with the most water in their bucket wins.
  • Spoon relay: Provide each team with a bucket of water, a spoon and a glass. Teams line up at the starting line, behind their bucket. Place each team’s glass at the finish line opposite them. The first person on each team dips his spoon into the bucket and races to the finish line, depositing the water into his team’s glass. He then races back and hands his baton to the next team player.
  • H2O High jump: Using a garden hose, spray a strong stream a few inches above the ground to create a high jump bar. Let kids take turns trying to jump over the stream without getting wet. Raise the “bar” a little for each round of competition and see who can stay dry the longest.

Pool games:

  • Swimming races: Add a twist like swimming with a pool noodle, or throw objects into the pool and let kids race to retrieve them.
  • Water acrobatics: Older competitors can try underwater flips and handstands, with scores based on form and execution.


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